by PartnersInTime

About us

Hi, I’m Kate or KP. I’m also known as muuuuuuuuuuum.

I live in in the glorious Adelaide Hills with my partner, three kiddos and an array of animals on a “lifestyle property. Life for us is full of chaos, craziness, laughs, and a few tears, and there are more than a few stories to share over time.

We seem to collect animals like some families collect ooshies. If an animal is looking for a new home, then it usually finds its way to our crazy little farm and us. The chickens, sheep, goats and dogs are all rescues, the lizards, fish, guinea pigs and horses are not

Everyone lends a hand to make sure the place runs like a squeaky wheel and you will generally find one of the children practising their driving in the back paddock or riding the motorbike around the place while the animals watch on with a twinkle in their eye knowing that at any stage something will go awry.

And while I am a person who loves order and organisation, who thinks that cleaning the fridge is almost as fun as Easter and the thought of helping someone organise a pantry or wardrobe is like a second Christmas, my family do not seem to have the same inclination. I am forever trying to find ways to get them to stay neat and tidy and get as excited about decluttering and cleaning as me. Alas, I think this will be a solo journey.,

"I think it’s all about doing your best at the time knowing that the balance will shift from year to year and even day to day, as the needs of our children, partners, family and life change."

Why Partners In Time?

It’s based around giving families like mine, busy professional couples and anyone who has less time than they need, time back in their day, to do what matters most to them.   We want to be able to make someone’s day just a little less stressful, a little more organised and a little less chaotic and let’s be honest everyone could do with a little less chaos in their day, including me. 

I have spent 20+  years working full time in the agricultural industry.  Raising a family has always been a very real juggle, and at times a struggle for me, as it is for many. I have never managed to get the work/life balance right and don’t believe in the ideal anymore. I also try to let go of the “mum guilt” factor.  I think it’s all about doing your best at the time knowing that the balance will shift during from week to week and year to year , as the needs of our children, partners, family and life change. What I always wanted and needed was an extra few hours in my day or an extra pair of hands  to get tasks and the to-do list under control. Once I delegated some of these tasks, I found I had more time in my day to spend how I wanted to. 

And so the idea was born to start a business where I could help busy families, couples and individuals gain some time back in their day so they too could spend time doing what was most important to them. 

And so here we are with Partners in Time.