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Buy Time

All of the time packages and casual bookings will need to be pre-booked and paid.

  • This time can then be used for any of the Partners in Time services, from managing the to-do list to relocation packs.
  • Alltime is calculated in 15min blocks.
  • With larger time packages such as relocation packs, time additional can be purchased during the project as required.
  • All additional costs associated with purchasing items required will be itemised and charged to the client with no markup.
  • Monthly Membership packages receive an additional discount  automatically be charged to the nominated credit card on the 1st of the mont..
  • Casual Time packages are charged as a one-off upfront payment with additional hours to be purchased on the run.

Head on over to the Shop tab to purchase a package and free up your time.


  • House / Business Pack and Unpacks – from $75 per hour
  • Casual Concierge Rates from $75 per hour
  • Five Hour package $350
  • Ten Hour package $650
  • Monthly Memberships from $550 per month