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How I kick start my day. What do you do ?

by PartnersInTime


I really enjoy finding out how people kick start their days. I try different ways of getting my productivity rolling but for me, at the moment my day starts along these lines, but this will change as the seasons’ change 🙂  

  1. My alarm is set Monday through Saturday at 5:30 AM, yes I hit the snooze button once”.  
  2. I give my self 5 mins to do a quick check-in. How am I feeling? , how did I sleep? a quick reminder of what is on for the day and then feet hit the floor
  3. Next up is coffee and socials. Rightly or wrongly my day needs to start with a hot coffee and a quick look at the socials. Many people will tell you not to look at your phone until much later in the morning, but it’s a great check-in for me. The house is quiet no one else is up so I can scroll before the children get up. 
  4. I will shower and then throw on clothes for the day, slap on some sunscreen and a little tinted moisturiser to look somewhat human. 
  5. Out the door, I head to let the chickens out, feed the horses, check the sheep and goats. Back inside to feed the dogs, fish  and guinea pigs. A rule in our house is animals are always to be fed before the humans. 
  6. I throw on a load of wash – as a family of 5 living on small acreage there will ALWAYS be at least a load of washing to be done each day. 
  7. At this stage, family members are starting to rise, so its beds made. Making the bed gives me the feeling that I’ve had a quick win, that it’s ticked it off the to-do list and then  when I’m jumping into bed after a long day, the bed is neat and cosy. 
  8. Doors and windows are thrown open, and fresh air let in.
  9. Dishwasher unpacked with the help of the family. 
  10. Breakfast for myself and the youngest. 
  11. Try not to raise my voice as the minutes count down to leaving for school. Generally, I am reminding them to brush teeth, brush hair and pop their lunchboxes into their bags while getting a few small chores out of the way ( sweep the floor, wipe down a bench or  fold washing
  12. School drop next for the middle and youngest children. Last year, their brother drove them to school, but this year he is out in the workforce, so its back to mum or  dad doing the school drop. 
  13. Once this is done the workday begins                                                                                               Having a morning routine helps keep me ( and the household, on track, organised and calm) . I’d love to hear your morning routine. Please share them in the comments below or drop me a DM. 

KP x 

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